Interesting Websites Related to Psychiatry

(Compiled by John Tennison, MD, March 2002)


(Views expressed in these various websites do not necessarily represent the views of The Psychiatric Journal or of Texas Psychiatry Associates.  Rather, this list is intended to democratically exemplify a variety of perspectives related to psychiatry.)



Sites Based in San Antonio, Texas (The Psychiatric Hub of Texas!)


UTHSCSA Department of Psychiatry               

UTHSCSA Center for Biomedical Neuroscience

UTHSCSA Research Imaging Center              

The Psychiatric Journal                                     

Mind Science Foundation                                  

San Antonio C. G. Jung Center                         

Texas Society of Psychiatric Physicians          



National Organizations Related to Psychiatry


American Psychiatric Association                     

American Psychological Association               

American Psychoanalytic Association              

American Neurological Association                  

American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology  

Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry       

American College of Psychiatrists                    

American Association of Directors of

          Psychiatry Residency Training                

Association for Academic Psychiatry               

World Psychiatric Association                          

The American Psychological and

Psychiatric Association                            

American Academy of Child and Adolescent


National Alliance for the Mentally Ill                   

American Association of Chairs

of Departments of Psychiatry                  

American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law



Educational and Database Sites


Whole Brain Atlas                                              




Online Psychiatric Journals


Clinical Psychiatry News                                    

Journals of American Psychiatric Publishing   

The Psychiatric Journal                                     


Spirituality, Religion, and Altered States of Consciousness


Council on Spiritual Practices                           

The Religious Movements Homepage             

George Washington Institute for Spirituality

          And Health                                                 

International Conference on Science and


International Conference on Altered States

of Consciousness                                    

Association for Transpersonal Psychology     

Erowid (Information on Recreational Drugs)    

Heffter Research Institute                                 

Spiritual Psychiatry Net                                      



Sites that are Critical of “Organized” or “Institutionalized” Psychiatry


Antipsychiatry Coalition                                      

Critical Psychiatry Network                                 

Associazione Oikos                                           










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