Curriculum Vitae


Andrea Kirsten Iken Tennison, MD


Date of Preparation: May 15, 2000

Updated: June 5, 2014



I.                   General Information


A.     Personal Data:

1.      Citizenship Status:                                                     United States citizen

2.      US Social Security Number:                                      available upon request


B.   Education:

       1996      Doctor of Medicine                                             UTHSCSA Medical School in San Antonio, TX

       1992      Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences          Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas


C.   Postgraduate Training:

       2000      Psychiatry Residency Training                              UTHSCSA Department of Psychiatry in SA, TX


D.   Academic Appointments: 

       July 2000   Assistant Professor                                          UTHSCSA Dept. of Psychiatry, Division of Education in SA, TX


E.     Other Employment:

                         1999-2000      Resident Moonlighter                            UTHSCSA in San Antonio, Texas

                         1998-2000      Resident Moonlighter                            Southwest Mental Health Facility in San Antonio, Texas

             1998               Resident Moonlighter                            Charter Real Behavioral Health in San Antonio, Texas

                         1993               Research Assistant                                UTHSCSA  in San Antonio, Texas


F. Certification and Licensure History


1.      Certification:              Became a Board-Certified Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in 2003


2.      Licensure:                  First Lincensed in Texas, April 1998, Permanent, K4715, Renewal – Recurring Biannually every February

3.      ECFMG:                   N/A


G.    Honors and Awards:


Pfizer sponsored 2000 Psychiatry Resident of the Year award recipient on May 11, 2000


II.                Teaching


A.     Classroom/Laboratory:


2002                      MSII Behavioral Science          PGY2              10hrs (lab)        Small Group Instructor

2002                      Psychopharm Seminar              PGY2              2hrs                  Assistant Course Director

2002                      Teaching Skills Seminar            PGY3              2hrs                  Assistant Course Director

2001-2002             MSII Psychopathology MS/G                           10hrs(lab)         Small Group Instructor 

2001                      MSII Behavioral Science          MS/G               10hrs(lab)         Small Group Instructor

2000-2001             MSII Psychopathology             MS/G               12hrs(lab)         Small Group Instructor  

2000                      MSII Behavioral Science          MS/G                4hrs (lab)         Small Group Instructor

1999-2000             MSII Psychopathology             MS/G               12hrs (lab)        Small Group Instructor

1999                      MSII Behavioral Science          MS/G                6hrs (lab)         Small Group Instructor

1990-1992             General Chemistry Lab             SMU/U            200hrs (lab)      Teaching Assistant


B.    Clinical Teaching: 


                    July-Nov 2000:                Faculty Supervisor of  Residents’ Outpatient Psychiatry Clinic at UHC-D in SA, TX

                    July 2000-Present:            Faculty Supervisor for Residents in Psychiatric Emergency Services at UH in SA, TX

                    July 2001-Present:            Faculty Supervisor to Psychiatry Residents for Psychotherapy Supervision

        July 2002-Present:            Faculty Supervisor for Residents and Med Students on Inpatient Psychiatry Ward-UH


            C.    Instructional Development:       Developed and presented course materials on advanced psychopharmacology and on instructing

psychiatry residents how to more effectively teach medical students.


III.       Research


A.     Bibliography:  N/A


B.     Areas of Research interest:  Electroconvulsive Therapy


C.     Current Projects:  Gathering of clinical outcome studies in UTHSCSA/Nix Clinic patients


IV.       Service


A.     Professional Affiliations:


1.      Current Professional and Scientific Organizations:


1996-2002       American Psychiatric Association

1996-2002       Texas Society of Psychiatric Physicians

1993-2002       Texas Medical Association

1993-2002       Bexar County Medical Society

2000-2002       Association of Women Psychiatrists

2001-2002       Bexar County Psychiatric Society

2001                Association for Academic Psychiatry


2.      Past and Current Positions and/or Offices Held in Professional Organizations: 


2001-2002               Counselor to the Bexar County Psychiatric Society

2002-2003       Vice President to the Bexar County Psychiatric Society


3.      Other Professional Activities: 


2001-Present:  Faculty Supervisor to Medical Student Psychiatry Club


4.      Community Activities:


2002-Present               Executive Board Member for Resolve of South Texas

2001                            Faculty Supervisor to Psychiatry Club information booth at “Run For Life” charity race

1999                                Participant in National Depression Screening Day

1999                                Resident Supervisor to Psychiatry Club information booth at “Run For Life” charity race

1991                                Hospital Volunteer at West Houston Medical Center


B.     Patient Service:


July 2000-Present               UTHSCSA Dept. of Psychiatry Faculty Private Practice Plan Outpatient Clinic

Jan. 2001-Present              UTHSCSA Behavioral Health Clinic for Research and Training at Nix Specialty Health Center

July 2002-Present               Inpatient Attending Physician at University Hospital Inpatient Psychiatry Unit


C.     Committees:


2002-Present                     Psychiatry Department Chair for the Clinical Quality Improvement Team

2002-Present                     Quality Risk Management Committee for University Hospital

1999-2000                         Resident Co-chair for Psychiatry resident Call-Task force Committee

1996-1997                         Psychiatry PGY-I Class representative


D.   Administrative Responsibilities:


      March 2001- July 2002:     Served as Medical Director of the UTHSCSA Behavioral Health Clinic for

                                                Research and Training at Nix Specialty Health Center in San Antonio, Texas



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